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  • Cool program!I was able to convert my complete Napster library and copy it to my new iPod with a snap.
  • SoundTaxi works! I've restored my entire Napster collection that even Napster can't play.
  • SoundTaxi converted all my protected WMA songs to MP3 with 1-click in CD quality!
  • I was so satisfied with this DRM Removal software reviews and it works great.
  • I am getting what I need to remove DRM protection and convert them to the format which I nedd.
  • DRM removal music converter fixed all of my problem about removing DRM and convert the finished files!
  • You have very good products and exceptional user support. I've recommended them to numerous friends.

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How to Convert Rhapsody music to MP3?

The following steps show you how to convert Rhapsody music to MP3

Step 1: Download rhapsody music from rhapsody music store.
first of all, please download or puchase rhapsody music to your PC.

The trial version has time limitation, you can only convert 90 seconds
of your music if you don't have a license code.
DRM, short for "Digital Rights Management", is used by digital copyright owners to restrict users' ability to copy it.

You know, When you purchase and download music from Rhapsody music store, Rhapsody music comes along with Digital Rights Management, for example, you purchase a AAC format music, because this AAC music was protected by DRM, you can only enjoy it on a suitable device but not the other one. If you want to enjoy these DRM protected music on iPod, iPhone, Zune, or other MP3 Player, or you want to convert rhapsody music to MP3. What kinds of tools you can get to remove DRM from rhapsody music? Yes, SoundTaxi could strip DRM protection from rhapsody music so you can enjoy the DRM music on your iPod after conversion, It's very useful and efficient.

SoundTaxi apply recording tech to help you convert protected Rhapsody music to MP3. With SoundTaxi, you can convert protected music such as wma, m4p, aac, wmv, m4v, avi, mp3, wav, ogg, rax, ra, aa, mp4, snd, aif, audio books, any format Media Player supports to MP3 easily.

Step 2:Download SoundTaxi, install and launch it.
SoundTaxi is a DRM removal, it can convert all kinds of protected music to plain music format such as MP3, WAV, AAC at high speed and high quality. SoundTaxi can unprotect DRM music from more than 20 music store. of course, it can convert rhapsody to MP3 with a ease.

Step 3: Set output files format.
To convert Rhapsody music to MP3, before converting, you should set the MP3 format as the output format by click "Setting"
convert Rhapsody music to MP3- step3

Step 4: Add your Rhapsody music to SoundTaxi.
you can add music form "Select Files", or you can drag-and-drop the music to SoundTaxi window.

convert Rhapsody music to MP3- step4

Step 5. Convert Rhapsody music to MP3
Here we take protected WMA music file as a example.
convert Rhapsody music to MP3- step5

Sounds Good?

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