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User Testimonials

  • SoundTaxi works! I've restored my entire Napster collection that even Napster can't play.
  • I have tried several DRM Removal but none to compete with this DRM Remove software.
  • SoundTaxi Professional is great. Easy to download, Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Thanks for your help, i ended up downloading the DRM remove music converter and never looked back.
  • I was so satisfied with this DRM Removal software reviews and it works great.
  • I am getting what I need to remove DRM protection and convert them to the format which I nedd.
  • Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • DRM removal music converter fixed all of my problem about removing DRM and convert the finished files!
  • You have very good products and exceptional user support. I've recommended them to numerous friends.

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How to remove DRM with SoundTaxi Pro?

DRM, short for "Digital Rights Management", is used by digital copyright owners to restrict users' ability to copy it.

For example, The iTunes Store, run by Apple Inc., allows users to purchase a track online for $.99 US. The tracks purchased use Apple's FairPlay DRM system.

Napster music store, which offers a subscription-based approach to DRM alongside permanent purchases. Music bought through Napster can be played on players carrying the Microsoft PlaysForSure logo (which, notably, do not include iPods or even Microsoft's own Zune).

DRM removal SoundTaxi Pro can remove DRM protection from all protected music and convert the music to AAC, WAV, MP3 formats.

SoundTaxi Professional - Remove DRM protection

Download SoundTaxi Pro. Install and launch it.
How to remove DRM protection with SoundTaxi Pro

Select Protected music files which you want to convert.
How to remove DRM protection with SoundTaxi Pro
To remove DRM protection, you just need to press this button and SoundTaxi Pro will remove DRM protection and convert music to the format you have specified.

How to remove DRM protection with SoundTaxi Pro
Note: The trial version has time limitation. the full version has no such limitation.

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