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  • SoundTaxi works! I've restored my entire Napster collection that even Napster can't play.
  • I have tried several DRM Removal but none to compete with this DRM Remove software.
  • SoundTaxi Professional is great. Easy to download, Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Thanks for your help, i ended up downloading the DRM remove music converter and never looked back.
  • I was so satisfied with this DRM Removal software reviews and it works great.
  • I am getting what I need to remove DRM protection and convert them to the format which I nedd.
  • Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • DRM removal music converter fixed all of my problem about removing DRM and convert the finished files!
  • You have very good products and exceptional user support. I've recommended them to numerous friends.

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SoundTaxi Professional

Only $26.99

SoundTaxi Professional - DRM Removal - Screenshot

SoundTaxi Professional easily convert DRM music files audio files to unprotected files such as: MP3, WAV, AAC. All these converted files can be played with iPod, audio CD player, Zune or other portable digital player, cell phone, Pocket PC.

Its conversion speed up to 50x playback speed, output audio files with CD quality. SoundTaxi Professional supports vide range of input formats such as protected WMA, M4P, AAC, MP4, MP3, etc.
What's more, SoundTaxi Professional can unprotect music from iTunes, Napster, YhooMusic, MSNMusic and more.

With SoundTaxi Professional, you can:

  • Convert protected m4p to mp3, wav, mp4 and unprotected aac;
  • Remove DRM protection from most protected music.
  • Strip DRM protection up to 50x speed.
  • Generate MP3, WAV, AAC(MPEG4 audio) without DRM.
  • Rip CD to Audio such as: WMA, M4P, AAC, MP4, MP3
  • Fast copy to iPad, iPod, iPhone

Click Reference to check more supported devices or formats.

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SoundTaxi Media Suite

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SoundTaxi Media Suite

SoundTaxi Media Suite is the most powerful all-in-one solution, allows you to convert, rip, copy, download, record, listen and remove protection from your media files. SoundTaxi Media Suite will give you the power and functionality of the most complete editions of SoundTaxi, RipTiger, TuneGet, GetRadio and 1Step DVD Copy. > Learn more...

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Key Features

Why choose SoundTaxi Professional?

  • Remove the DRM protection from your music.
  • Provides you the 50x playback conversion speed, much faster than the other DRM removal.
  • One-click to convert your protected music file to MP3, WAV, MPEG(AAC) format, etc.
  • One-click to copy the converted music to your iPod, it means that if you have connected your iPod to the PC, just click the button "copy to iPod", you can enjoy your music without DRM restriction on your iPod.
  • After remove DRM protection from the music, SoundTaxi Professional preserves ID3 tags for artist, album, title names of the music.
  • Batch conversion mode enables you to convert lots of music in the same time.
  • SoundTaxi Professional enables you to save the converted music automatically. (of course, you should start this function)
  • Can be installed and ran on Windows Vista.
  • Compression level and output format can be selected.
  • Allows you to convert complete folder structures and recreate these structures on output.

Why do we pick SoundTaxi Professional?

During the test, SoundTaxi Professional proofed to be qualified of converting protected music to mp3, wav, mp4 and unprotected aac and did reveal its fast speed. Some older versions of SoundTaxi probably have problems with iTunes. However, the developer has released a new version to fix the bugs. And it deserves a try.

  • Converting Speed

SoundTaxi Professional challenges Tunebite’s 27x High-Speed Digital Dubbing by accelerating up to 40x maximum converting speed. The actual converting speed is outstanding.

  • Sound Quality

The audio file created by SoundTaxi Professional is of good quality and it’s pleased to listen to.

  • Ease of Use

SoundTaxi Professional has very clean and clear user interface, with all buttons and menus line up on the upper window. The design of the interface itself serves as the guideline to use the program, so that users can easily complete the operations.

  • Stability

SoundTaxi Professional occasionally has capability problems with iTunes. When we did the review for this program, SoundTaxi Professional crashed twice before we got upgrade from the developer and finally installed it to the computer.

  • Preserving ID3 Tag and Album Info

SoundTaxi Professional can preserve ID3 tag, containing artist name, song title, year and genre, and album name and artwork.

  • Additional Features

SoundTaxi Professional provides several additional features.

  1. Transferring folder structure
  2. SoundTaxi Professional is able to transfer the folder structure of the input audio files to re-create the same folder structure to hold the converted audio files. This is very useful if the user wants the converted files to be automatically organized exactly the same as the original one.

  3. Selectable compression level
  4. SoundTaxi Professional provides various compression levels for your choice. You can customize the compression level according to your specific requirements.

  5. Synchronizing music to iPod
  6. SoundTaxi Professional has a quick button that can enable you sync the converted music to iPod with ONE click.

  • Support Service

SoundTaxi Professional has built-in Help file, online FAQs and email support. Not too satisfying, their support is some how too simple to address complicated problems. Overall, the support service is quite fair.

Things you must know

  • SoundTaxi Professional may have occasional with iTunes and crash upon installation.
  • The DRM protected audio files you try to convert must be authorized.
  • SoundTaxi Professional trial version has 30-second limit on every converted song.
  • SoundTaxi Professional only converts audio files that can be played on your computer.

SoundTaxi Professional unprotects protected music from

  • iTunes
  • Napster
  • Yahoo Music
  • MusicMatch
  • MSNMusic
  • MusicLoad
  • Rhapsody
  • MTV / urge
  • MusicNow
  • BuyMusic
  • AOL Music
  • Virgin Digital
  • Sony Connect
  • Beon Music
  • Peer Impact
  • iMusica
  • Wal-Mart
  • AOL MusicNow
  • connect-europe
  • akuma
  • Listen JP
  • ongen
  • Soundbuzz
  • digirama
  • imusica
  • cdigix
  • cingular mMode
  • puretracks
  • metro tunes
  • fnac
  • hmv
  • Bigpond Music

    System Requirement

    System Requirement
    Supported OS Windows XP/ Vista 32-bit /Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Processor 1GHz or above Intel or AMD CPU
    Free hard disk space 1GB above
    RAM 512MB or above


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    Sounds Good?

    Buy SoundTaxi Professional($26.99 )

    Download SoundTaxi Professional


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